Having a roof over your head and comforting home to enjoy is certainly something not to be taken for granted. That being said, it’s important to find the right Homeowners Insurance policy to make sure incidents that cause damage to your home and belongings aren’t financially crippling. Robert Edwards Insurance offers plenty of great homeowners insurance plans that can give you peace of mind, even when tragedy strikes.


No matter what type of home you live in, whether it’s a traditional home, condo, or duplex, you can count on great coverage for your home when you choose a homeowner’s insurance policy through Robert Edwards Insurance.


Most lenders will check to see if you have this type of policy before you are approved for a loan. This insurance coverage plan will pay off the remaining costs of your mortgage in the event you or your partner passes away before the mortgage is fully paid off. The costs of payments per month will go down as your mortgage payments are made.


Robert Edwards Insurance maintains close relationships with several trusted insurance partners that specialize in flood and quake insurance, so you will be in good hands if your home and belongings are damaged by a natural disaster. You can count on great coverage options, convenient and friendly service, and claims process that is as stress-free as possible.

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Choosing an umbrella policy to cover the costs of potential incidents that happen at your home can really come in handy when needed. An umbrella policy is affordable for almost any homeowner, but the payoff can be huge when it comes into effect. It covers potential damages that exceed the limits of a typical homeowners insurance policy, such as lawsuits or vandalism.


Being claim free for 3 years has its rewards with a homeowners insurance policy through Robert Edwards Insurance. You'll receive a 25% return of the premiums you've paid over 3 years. This isn't a discount or credit on your bill, this is an actual check mailed to you by the insurance carrier! And the cash back program repeats for every 3 year period you remain claim free. This is one of our favorite benefits that our customers receive through Robert Edwards Insurance... and we suspect you'll love it too.


If you are renting out your home, up to four units, you can turn to Robert Edwards Insurance for homeowners insurance for landlords. You can get covered for multiple types of incidents that can occur when renting out your dwelling, including if rent stops getting paid, someone gets injured and sues, or if the home is damaged.


On the flip side, Robert Edwards Insurance also offers affordable renters insurance for tenants. Landlord insurance typically covers the cost of damage to the home itself, but the landlord of the house, apartment, or townhome you are renting most likely doesn’t have any coverage to protect your property. Choose Robert Edwards Insurance to provide secure renters insurance renters insurance for low monthly payments and great coverage for your personal belongings. Get even better rates by bundling your other insurance plans.

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When you choose Robert Edwards Insurance for your homeowners insurance, you can expect top-notch service throughout the entire claims process. You can always expect thorough compensation if any incidents do occur, without any lowballing or sneaky dodging. You paid for your insurance policy, so you can expect to be paid what you are owed when you need it. You can also always expect to have your policy honored for all incidents you are covered for. You can even get temporary living situations arranged if your home becomes unlivable, without unexpected costs.

Contact Robert Edwards Insurance at 503-207-6976 today to discover all of the protection possibilities for your home!

If you’re already a policy holder through the Robert Edwards Insurance agency and have experienced a covered loss, you may file a claim directly with the Claims Department by calling 800-333-2860. To reach the insurance carrier’s Customer Service Department call 417-887-0220.


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