Running a business means juggling a vast array of assets and investments to build momentum and to keep your company afloat. One of the most vital investments to make is finding high-quality Commercial Insurance. Choosing Robert Edwards Insurance for your commercial insurance coverage can allow your company to keep thriving even when your business is faced with severe losses and damages.


Running a business requires things: buildings, machinery, computers, printers, vehicles – the list goes on and on. These expensive items are significant investments to make, and without any financial protection for commercial assets, your business could begin to sink. When you pick your commercial insurance policy, you get to choose your coverage for your pieces of property based on their value.

Commercial Insurance coverage for your small business can cover theft, vandalism, or faulty equipment. You can also get coverage for fleet vehicles as well, so you can get repairs done without breaking the bank and get your fleet back up and running. If computers or data become compromised due to cyber attacks or hacking, you can trust your commercial insurance policy through Robert Edwards Insurance to compensate you for the damages.

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Of course, having to repair or replace equipment or property means interrupting the workflow that allows your business to stay profitable. That’s why your commercial insurance policy can also provide compensation for the profits that were lost in the meantime and loss of use payments while equipment is being repair or replaced.

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Opening up any sort of business, whether it’s an office, manufacturing site, or storefront, inherently has its risks. Obviously, your plan should be to keep your workers and customers safe, but not everything is in your control. By having liability coverage, you can protect your company from lawsuits resulting from injuries on your company’s property or from your products. Even if you win lawsuits filed against your company, you will still need some compensation to cover legal fees.

By trusting Robert Edwards Insurance for your commercial insurance needs, you’ll get the chance to choose the amount of coverage that works best based on the level of risk involved in the day to day operation of your company.


Choosing certain life insurance coverage plans can be the difference between having to shut things down and carrying on a proud legacy if an important executive dies. A Key Person Insurance policy is essentially a life insurance policy that a company can purchase for executives and employees that are seen as vital to the company’s survival. If an executive dies who is protected under the policy, the company gets compensation in order to make up for lost profits and to buy time to find someone to fill that role.

You can also customize a Buy/Sell Agreement or Business Succession Agreement through Robert Edwards Insurance, so you can have a plan in place for distributing ownership, funds, and shares between the designated beneficiaries.

Contact Robert Edwards Insurance today at 503-207-6976 to set up an appointment where you can get personalized guidance when it comes to the insurance plans that are best for your company.

If you’re already a policy holder through the Robert Edwards Insurance agency and have experienced a covered loss, you may file a claim directly with the Claims Department by calling 800-333-2860. To reach the insurance carrier’s Customer Service Department call 417-887-0220.


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