Getting into a car accident, or having your car damaged, can cause an extreme amount of anxiety in a short amount of time, so being fully covered with the right Auto Insurance policy through Robert Edwards Insurance can come in handy during these stressful moments. It can be easy to just pick the first auto insurance company you think of just so you can get your car covered, but choosing more intentionally can open up tons of exciting possibilities.


When it comes to auto insurance, two of the most important factors are making sure you have a policy or policies that give you the right kind and amount of insurance coverage, and you’re insurance carrier handles claims in a fair and honest manner. At Robert Edwards Insurance we take great pride in knowing that the insurance policies we provide to our customers check both boxes! Our customers are our friends, neighbors, colleagues and family, so we’re dedicated to selling the right kind of coverage, the right amount and from a carrier we trust to take excellent care of our family of customers. Rob likes to say “I sell from a place of love,” which means the well-being and protection of our customers is always our top priority.

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You read that right, we have a cash back program! One of my favorite parts of being an auto insurance agent is calling policyholders to tell them they have a check on the way. How is this possible? By choosing Robert Edwards Insurance, you are eligible for a cash back rewards program. If you go three years without filing a claim, you automatically get a 25% refund from the carrier on your premiums for that period of time. It’s money that you earn by being a safe driver and it can be a significant amount of money that comes in handy. The best part? It’s not just a one-time deal. You restart this three-year period when you get paid, so you can continue to reap the rewards for safe driving.


You aren’t limited to any one type of insurance coverage with Robert Edwards Insurance. By bundling your insurance coverage plans for other aspects of life, such as homeowners insurance and life insurance, you can experience significant savings on your premiums. Are you a student looking for affordable car insurance? Your grades can actually help. You can earn discounts on your car insurance premiums by showing proof of your GPA. When you choose auto insurance through Robert Edwards Insurance, your good grades allow you to get instant rewards.

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When you choose Robert Edwards Insurance for your auto insurance coverages, there are very few limits on the types of cars that are covered, including generous coverage and competitive rates for motorcycles, RVs, boats, and more! You can also cover fleet vehicles for commercial use, including cut-off trucks, cargo vans, and more! Robert Edwards Insurance is also a great choice for coverage for your classic collector cars. If your classic car is totaled, you can get compensation for the full value without depreciation. You can even cover the spare parts you have on hand for up to $1,000 if they were damaged by a covered incident. You can also choose your preferred repair shops to turn to, so you don’t have to choose between mechanics you trust and good coverage.


Another advantage of turning to Robert Edwards Insurance for your auto insurance is the Benefits Xpress program. As an employee, you can gain an automatic 10% discount on your auto insurance premium, pay using electronic payments, the convenience of a single agent for multiple insurance plans, and even more discounts with a TLC Tri-Line Discount. The ability to serve groups of employees allows Benefits Xpress to lower administrative costs to stay extra affordable.

Contact Robert Edwards Insurance today to learn more about your options for exceptional and affordable auto insurance coverage. Call us at 503-207-6976 and a member of our team will provide you with a complimentary consultation and quote to determine the best coverages for you, your family and your vehicles.

If you’re already a policy holder through the Robert Edwards Insurance agency and have experienced a covered loss, you may file a claim directly with the Claims Department by calling 800-333-2860. To reach the insurance carrier’s Customer Service Department call 417-887-0220.


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